Satellite images reveal mysterious, ancient superstructures built in Kazakhstan thousands of years before the Egyptian pyramids

A few years ago, an amateur archaeologist named Dmitriy Dey was searching for pyramids on Google Earth when he discovered over 200 ancient earthworks that have gone unnoticed for 8,000 years. Located near the former Soviet territory of Kazakhstan, these colossal geometric figures appear in the shape of squares, crosses, lines and rings, measuring hundreds of yards across.

The largest is a square consisting of 101 raised mounds, with its opposite corners connected by a giant diagonal cross, covering more terrain than the largest pyramid in Egypt.

Turgai square kazakhstan petroglyph

Another fascinating figure resembles a 300-foot triradial swastika. Swastikas have been one of the most popular graphic designs throughout history until it was appropriated by the Nazis and became associated with terror and mass murder.

Turgai swastika kazakhstan petroglyph

And now NASA has released satellite photographs of some of the figures, taken from 430 miles in space, offering the clearest view yet of these amazing artifacts. As one NASA scientist put it, “I’ve never seen anything like this; I found it remarkable.” So remarkable, in fact, that NASA has made further visual documentation of the Kazakhstan earthworks a priority of astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

Turgai Circle kazakhstan petroglyph

Nobody knows what these ancient constructions were used for, but the most obvious theory is that they were solar observatories, akin to Stonehenge in England and the Chankillo towers in Puru. “Everything is linked through the cult of the sun,” as Dmitriy Dey puts it.

To further the terrestrial examination of the earthworks, Mr. Dey and colleagues in the U.S. scientific community are considering the use of drones, as the Culture Ministry in Peru has been doing to map and protect ancient sites in that country.

Turgai cross kazakhstan petroglyph

In the meantime, however, they remain a puzzling mystery.

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